Glam Makeup

A full face starts at $100 at preferred location. There is a $25 booking fee that goes toward your balance that can be paid via PayPal. You will owe the remaining balance + traveling fee at your appointment time. If you should cancel or not show up, your deposit is not refundable. The price includes lashes, as it is a courtesy. All special requests such as mink lashes will be an extra cost of $15.

Bridal Makeup *Bride Only*

All Bridal makeup requires a consultation. Consultations are $85.  Travel must be taken care of as well as sitting hours. If you would like to book your trial, please email with your exact date and time for the consultation and I will respond appropriately.

On the wedding date, the bride will receive a complimentary gift bag that includes but not limited to a brides survival kit. The survival kit will allow the bride to touch up her makeup well after the makeup artist has left. This does NOT include any of the bridal party.

Mink lashes will be provided at not additional cost.

Select from three bridal packages:

  • Traditional Bride| Full face with lashes with Mink Lashes. After the application is finished. The artist will leave and will not stay for the remainder of the day.

  • Elegant Bride| Full face with mink strip lashes and bridal survival kit. The artist will stay until photographs are completed.**

  • Celebrity Bride| Full face with mink strip lashes,bridal survival kit andthe artist will sty for the whold day including reception. Available for touch ups and/or a different look if needed for recepetion.

**Photography has to be before the wedding.

See BOOKING for pricing.

Bridal Makeup *Bridesmaids*

Bridesmaids and mothers makeup is $100 . Any additional person is $125. Lashes are included unless requested otherwise.

Inside NYC Tri-State area the traveling fee is $0.58 per mile, if any additional traveling costs (ie: tolls, ferries, and parking) it will be added to the total fee.

Traveling Fee

Do you need to learn how to do your own makeup or are you an artist that wants to refine your skills. Makeup by Jaleesa's One on One class will coach and demonstrate how to achieve a flawless application every time you touch your makeup brushes. Learn the proper technique of product placement and how to hold your tools (heavy vs. light application). Learn about different makeup brands and what tools are needed to complete your makeup look. 

One-on-One for the Everyday Woman:

Learn how to complete a makeup look on yourself from start to finish. Depending on your skin type, this private makeup class will be catered to your exact needs.Learn about different types of foundations and decide on which one you would want to use. No need to bring anything with you, unless you would like to use the products that you currently own. I will open my kit up to you and allow you to learn how to achieve a everyday look in an appropriate time frame.

One-on-One for Makeup Artist:

Are you a Makeup Artist already booking clientele? But you feel like you need to learn or refine your skills. Have you admired Makeup by Jaleesa's work and want to learn her skills. Are there specific areas you want to focus on? Do you know how set up a wedding contract and/or website?  Learn about different brands and tools inside her kit to create flawless applications. Jaleesa will complete a desired makeup look of your choosing tailored for your clientele on one side (from start to finish). On the other side, you will have to recreate the same technique on the other side. Use the same tools and products as Jaleesa but also bring your kit to go over techniques beneficial to your products/tools. Make sure you have a model to bring with you so we can create your ideal look on her.

See BOOKING for pricing.

One-on-One Classes