Who is Jaleesa Parris?

Based out of  New York Tri-State Area, Jaleesa's start wasn't in the beauty industry as anyone would have thought. Graduating in 2010 from Florida Memorial University with a Bachelor's Degree in Biology, Jaleesa had no idea that her path to medical school would change. From the sciences to makeup artistry. First starting at Clinique, the #1 skincare brand in the world where she was a certified skincare consultant. Fast forward to being with MAC for several years, Jaleesa has worked building her personal brand. Working with countless personal clients as well as creating her name for herself in the makeup industry, Jaleesa has taken a step into the bridal industry. Even though her main focus is still her personal clientele, she has falling in love with bridal over the years. Making personal connections with her clients is a main focus for her more than anything. Everyday women looking to be beautified for a special occasion or for their personal leisure.